This weekend’s Terrier and Lurcher events at the Kelmarsh Country Show remained as popular as ever, attracting handlers in their droves as they battled it out in lots of showing and racing classes.

Along with lots of glorious sunshine, competitors came armed with their dogs ready to compete in classes across the weekend, hoping to confirm their qualifying spot in the Champion of Champions Final at the Midland Game Fair.

Take a look at all the weekend’s results from inside the Terrier and Lurcher enclosure below:

The next round of Terrier and Lurcher events take place at the Broadlands Country Show over 5th and 6th May 2019. To get involved in all of the action, simply turn up and sign up over at the Terrier and Lurcher enclosure over the weekend. For more information, click here.

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Sunday 21st April 2019

Simulated Coursing Champion Millie and A. Hulland

Simulated Coursing Reserve     Hoagy and M. Orr

Hurdles Champion                        Solly and M. Orr

Hurdles Reserve                Cassie and D. Biss

Over 23”

1st       Max and K. Faint

2nd      Moo and S. Gibson

3rd       Thor and W. Sharmen

23” and under

1st       Bella and E. Sandham

2nd      Lilo and S. Gibson

3rd       Teal and C. Stacey

Under 21”

1st       Dixie and M. Biss

2nd      Bramble and J. Galley

3rd       Keira and C. Stacey 


1st       Luna and C. Bamford

2nd      Grace and S. Smith

3rd       Needle and K. Mallor


1st       Blue and N. Gollins

2nd      Shadow and C. Hollingworth

3rd       Apollo and W. Sharmen


1st       Skye and A. Elliott

2nd      Reagan and S. Wheeler

3rd       Biscuit and C. Bamford

Terrier Pup Champion     Dodger and A. Hurst

Terrier Pup Reserve          Hark and S. Hawkins

Terrier Champion  Flint and M. Underhill

Terrier Reserve      Dixie and M. James

Lurcher Pup Champion   Meg and S. Ford

Lurcher Pup Reserve        Harris and L. Miller

Lurcher Champion             Shifty and S. Hawkins

Lurcher Reserve                Mouse and J. Miller


Sunday 22nd April 2019

Simulated Coursing Champion Kojo and M. Orr

Simulated Coursing Reserve     Loki and I. Fisher

Hurdles Champion                        Dixie and G. Starling

Hurdles Reserve                Smoke and L. Hoyland

Over 23”

1st       P. Coltrane and C. Weaver

2nd      Jethro and M. Orr

3rd       Rook and M. Dandy

23” and under

1st       Rue and J. Williams

2nd      Lilo and S. Gibson

3rd       Loki and I. Fisher

Under 21”

1st       Dixie and M. Biss

2nd      Ruby and K. Faint

3rd       Bramble and J & B Galley


1st       Blue and N. Collins

2nd      Piper and M. Dandy

3rd       Belle and E. Marshall


1st        Ringo and G. Dunbar

Terrier Pup Champion     A. Hurst and Dodger

Terrier Pup Reserve          L. Hulme and Rita

Terrier Champion              Brock and G. Truman

Terrier Reserve                  Paris and G. Truman

Lurcher Pup Champion   Arry and E. Williams

Lurcher Pup Reserve        Piper and M. Dandy

Lurcher Champion                        Freddie and A. Perry

Lurcher Reserve                Tenby and J. Harris