The first two rounds of the Chudleys Gundog Championship kick started at the Kelmarsh Country Show over the Easter Bank Holiday, welcoming handlers and their dogs to the popular Scurries and Working Test hoping to secure their places amongst the qualifiers at this year’s Grand Final.

As ever, this year’s Scurries consisted of Pick ‘n’ Mix, Duck Distraction, Short Fence, Long Retrieve, Up ‘n’ Over and the Novice Retrieve. The Working Test also challenged the gundogs working ability by re-enacting artificially simulated shooting day conditions.

Take a look at all the results from across the weekend below…

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 Results – Sunday 21st April 2019

Novice Scurry

1st        Mandy Welton and Saffy       20:59

2nd       Sophie Harris and Holly         23:57

3rd        J. Allen and Bella                    24:31


Duck Distraction

1st        Jayne Clarke and Kizzy           20:10

2nd       Laura Croft and Remmy         21:22

3rd        Charlie Smith and Eider          23:90


Pick n Mix

1st        Jayne Clarke and Kizzy           19:31

2nd       Lucinda Southern and Maisy  19:41

3rd        T. Linfoot and Bob                  20:97


Short Fence

1st        Gilly Horn and Picnic 10:18

2nd       T. Linfoot and Bruce   10:23

3rd        Martyn Long and Skye           10:57


Up n Over

1st        K. Cleary and Barley               14:30

2nd       D. Dedicoat and Purdey         14:76

3rd        J. Allen and Bella                    14:97


Long Retrieve

1st        J. Simpson and Maxus            16:75

2nd       K. Cleary and Barley               16:88

3rd        Martyn Long and Skye           16:97


Juniors – Working Test Spaniel

1st        Ellie Close and Pip      1:07.00

2nd       Edward Thornton and George            1:35.82


Juniors – Working Test Retriever

1st        Ebony Davies and Ziva           24:00

2nd       Lexi Moore and Chance          34:00

3rd        Sam Smith and Madge           44:56


Junior Working Test Qualifiers

Spaniel            Ellie Close and Pip

Retriever         Ebony Davies


Junior Scurry Qualifiers

Lexi Moore and Chance          55:40

Holly Dunsford and Remmy  1:05.85


Working Test Spaniel

1st        Brody Chequer and Dave       1:13.95

2nd       Kevin John and Dillon             1:41.66

3rd        Peter Rhodes and George      1:44.94


Working Test Retriever

1st        Steve Townsend and Dee      1:03.78

2nd       Kevin Warburton and Echo    1:10.69

3rd        Steve Cumbridge and Meg     1:14.51



Spaniel            Brody Chequer

Retriever         Kevin Warburton


Monday 22nd April 2019


Novice Scurry

1st        C. Hobbs and Chester 19:07

2nd       William Day and Ness 19:13

3rd        Andy Lines and Indy 19:47


Duck Distraction

1st        Julie Walsh and Miss Purdey 22:49

2nd       Sue Siddons and Molly           22:94

3rd        Jayne Clarke and Kizzy           23:26


Up n Over

1st        Craig Hobbs and Diesel          14:85

2nd       Paul Burns and Monty            16:23

3rd        Jayne Clarke and Kizzy           16:31


Short Fence

1st        Craig Hobbs and Chester        8:68

2nd       Craig Hobbs and Diesel          8:92

3rd        Jack Ward and Stella              9:30


Pick n Mix

1st        Jayne Clarke and Kizzy           19:67

2nd       K. Warburton and Echo          21:34

3rd        T. Linfoot and Bob                  22:12


Long Retrieve

1st        Craig Hobbs and Diesel          15:30

2nd       Carol Ford and Sky                 17:09

3rd        Steve Townsend and Dee      17:16



Spaniel            Sue Siddon and Molly 1:02.82

Retriever         Jayne Clarke and Kizzy           89:83


Juniors – Working Test Spaniel

1st        Edward Thornton and George            45:76

2nd       Ellie Close and Paddy                                    56:40


Juniors – Working Test Retriever

1st        Lexi Moore and Remmi                      52:37


Scurry Qualifiers

1st        Sophie Hockney and Annie    56:83

2nd       Emily Rowles and Jess           65:69


Junior Working Test Qualifiers – Edward Thornton and George


Working Test – Spaniel

1st        Anne Marie Jones and Tilly    1:07.34

2nd       Peter Rhodes and George      1:22.46

3rd        Brody Chequer and Dave       1:28.87


Working Test – Retriever

1st        T. Linfoot and Dash                1:05.99

2nd       Shannon Hartree and Pippa   1:08.13

3rd        Paul Brown and Breeze          1:10.53



Spaniel            Anne Marie Jones and Tilly

Retriever         T. Linfoot and Dash